He Said What!? “Call me Dave” gets down with “working people”

Cameron has been at his pathologically lying best this week. Launching the Tory manifesto, out on the hustings, in interviews … the pledges came thick and fast, glib and superficial, and he kept a straight face throughout it all!

Stung by accusations that his Nasty Party’s hate-filled campaign against Ed Miliband and Labour, orchestrated by Dark Maestro Lynton Crosby, was turning off the electorate Cameron did a perfect 360-degree turn into the land of smarmy sincerity.

He gave us hope!

“At the heart of this manifesto is a simple proposition: We are the party of working people, offering you security at every stage of your life… a brighter, more secure future for you and your family.” (On zero hours, food banks and the bedroom tax?)

“The next five years are about turning the good news in our economy into a good life for you and your family.” (The trickle down begins?)

He waxed poetic!

He’d had a dream (a “Conservative Dream” no less) of creating a country “where a strong economy means good jobs, worthwhile careers and excellent public services like hospitals and schools that are there for you and your family.” (Er, Dave, you already ran public services into the ground … and the worst is yet to come in terms of cuts.)

And he talked tough!

He told the BBC some people did not pay tax “WHO DAMN WELL SHOULD!” and that accusations the Conservatives are “the party of the rich” make him “MORE ANGRY THAN ALMOST ANYTHING ELSE!” (Oh my …)

Tory press gleeful

There are those who were mightily turned on by Cameron’s deceptions, after all the 1% and their enablers are making merry at the trough. Gleeful Tory press front page headlines were all over “the good life”. It was not edifying:

Daily Telegraph Return of the good life; Times I’ll bring the good life back to Britain, Cameron promises; Financial Times Tories break with austerity policies and promise ‘good life’ to voters; Daily Mail Cameron pledges good life for all; Daily Express I’ll bring back the sunshine and the good life.

So there you have it

Forget food banks, the working poor and zero hour contracts, rent and housing crisis, the beggaring of the NHS and mental health and legal aid services. Forget the evil Tory policies that deliberately target the poor and the least able. Forget the bankers’ bonuses and the tax cuts for the rich who are already dodging the taxes they should be paying.

The sun is shining and life is good…innit?

Desperate days require ever more fantastical lies, it would seem.


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